A little about me…

I love Jesus and I really enjoy Bible study and writing on various topics with a biblical basis, I love being crafty (knitting, scrap booking, furniture restoration, jewelry making, etc…), as well as anything ALL NATURAL (cloth diapers, natural oils, home remedies, organic whole foods, “made from scratch” cooking, and gluten and diary free baking, etc…).

I own several businesses (Photography business, dance school, Mary Kay business),  I love traveling and have been to over dozen different countries, and my life long dream is to travel the whole world and go on as many adventures as possible!

I love the topic of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood/child rearing (I have a 1 yr old daughter, Evelyn Grace, who I adore – and is pretty cute too!). And I really have a passion for women and the topic of being a woman of God, being a wife (I love being a wife and I have an incredibly wonderful husband who challenges to me to be the best I can be!), as well as the topic of Christian dating.

On a more fun note, I am obsessed with life hacks, keeping a clean house, organizing, I love taking walks in the rain or at dusk, climbing cliffs or rocks, spelunking, jogging, camping, and snuggling up in blankets next to a fire with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and a good book! I’m a musician (violin), raspberry lemonade is my favorite cold drink, I enjoy start gazing, singing really loud when I clean my house (maybe dance too! lol), and eating ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce, or strawberries, while watching Netflix are a few more of my favorite things. Nap times are my one of my favorite times of the day! And last, but not least, I love snuggling my daughter, reading to her, teaching her new words, and watching her discover this world we live in!!!